AIR FORCE (1963-1979) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

AIR FORCE (1963-1979)

Sarboz Yekom Sardjuhke Goruhban Sevom
Private 1st Class Corporal Third Sergeant
Goruhban Dovom Goruhban Yekom Ostavar Dovom Ostavar Yekom
Second Sergeant First Sergeant Second Master Sergeant First Sergeant Major
Ostavar Sarostavar Sevom Sarostavar Dovom Sarostavar Yekom
Warrant Officer Chiew Warrant Officer 3rd Class Chiew Warrant Officer 2nd Class Chiew Warrant Officer 1st Class
Setvan Sevom Setvan Sevom Setvan Dovom Setvan Yekom Sarvan
3rd Lieutenant 3rd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain
2nd pattern 1st pattern      
Sargord Sarhang Dovom Sarhang
Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Satrip Sarlashkar Sepahbod Arteshbot
Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General
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