AIR FORCE - Hellenic Air Force (1973 since) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

AIR FORCE - Hellenic Air Force (1973 since)

Yposminias Yposminias Sminias Sminias
Airman 1st Class Airman 1st Class with 5 years contract Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant with 5 years contract
Episminias Archisminias
Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergean
Anthypaspistis Anthyposminagos - Ανθυποσμηναγὀς Yposminagos - Υποσμηναγὀς Sminagos - Σμηναγὀς
Warrant Officer I 2nd Lieutenant Flying Officer Flight lieutenant
shoulder insignia shoulder insignia
Episminagos - Επισμηναγὀς Antisminarchos - Αντισμἠναρχος Sminarchos - Σμἠναρχος
Squadron Leader Wing Commander Group captain
formal dress sleeve insignia shoulder insignia
Taxiarchos - Ταξἰαρχος Ypopterarchos - Υποπτἐραρχος Antipterarchos - Αντιπτἐραρχος Pterarchos - Πτἐραρχος
Air Commodore Air Vice-Marshal Air Marshal Air Chief Marshal
  shoulder insignia formal dress sleeve insignia  
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