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ARMY - Army Medical Service (1988 since) [shoulder insignia]

1er soldat Caporal Caporal-chef 1er caporal-chef
1ste soldaat Korporaal Korporaal-chef 1ste korporaal-chef
1st soldier Corporal Corporal in chief 1st corporal in chief
Sergent 1er sergent 1er sergent-chef 1er sergent-major
Sergeant 1ste sergeant 1ste sergeant-chef 1ste sergeant-majoor
Sergeant 1st sergeant 1st sergeant in chief 1st sergeant major
Adjudant Adjudant-chef Adjudant-major
Adjudant Adjudant-chef Adjudant-majoor
Adjudant Adjudant in chief Adjudant major
Sous-lieutenant Lieutenant Capitaine Capitaine-commandant
Onderluitenant Luitenant Kapitein Kapitein-commandant
Lieutenant 1st lieutenant Captain Captain commandant
Major Lieutenant-colonel Colonel Général de brigade Général-major
Majoor Luitenant-kolonel Kolonel Brigadegeneraal Generaal-majoor
Major Lieutenat colonel Colonel Brigade general General major
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