ARMY - Austrian Armed Forces (1923-1933) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

ARMY - Austrian Armed Forces (1923-1933)

Soldat Gefreiter Korporal Zugführer
Private Private 1st class Corporal Platoon leader
Wachtmeister Stabswachtmeister Offizierstellvertreter Offizierstellvertreter
Sergeant Staff sergeant Officer´s deputy Officer´s deputy (professional soldier)
Engineer Artillery Cavalry Tank
Vizeleutnant unf Fähnrich Leutnant
Vice lieutenant and Warrant officer Lieutenant
Artillery Rifles
Oberleutnant Hauptmann Stabshauptmann
1st lieutenant Captain Staff Captain
Cavalry Signals Train
Major Oberstleutnant Oberst
Major Lieutenant colonel Colonel
Tank Infantry General staff of the 2nd Brigade
Generalmajor Generalleutnant
Major general Lieutenant general
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