ARMY - German Defense Forces (1942-1943) [service dress] - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

ARMY - German Defense Forces (1942-1943) [service dress]

Schütze   Oberschütze
Private   Private 1st Class
Gefreiter   Obergefreiter
Acting Corporal   Corporal (with less than 6 years service)
Obergefreiter   Unteroffizier
Corporal (with more than 6 years service)   Corporal
Unterfeldwebel   Feldwebel
Sergeant   Senior Sergeant
Oberfeldwebel / Hauptfeldwebel   Stabsfeldwebel
Sergeant Major / First Sergeant Major   Staff Sergeant


Leutnant   Oberleutnant
2nd Lieutenant   Lieutenant


Hauptmann   Major
Captain   Major


Oberstleutnant   Oberst
Lieutenant Colonel   Colonel
Generalmajor   Generalleutnant
Major General   Lieutenant General
General der Infanterie, Panzertruppe, Artillerie, ...   Generaloberst
General of Infantry, Armored, Artillery, ...   Colonel General

Field Marshal
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