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ARMY - Swiss Armed Forces (2006 since) [shoulder insignia]

Soldat Appointé Appointé Chef
Soldato Appuntato Appuntato capo
Soldat Gefreiter Obergefreiter
Private Private 1st Class Senior Private
Caporal Sergent Sergent Chef
Caporale Sergente Sergente capo
Korporal Wachtmeister Oberwachtmeister
Corporal Sergeant Senior Sergeant
Sergent-major Fourrier Sergent-major chef
Sergente maggiore Furiere Sergente maggiore capo
Feldweibel Fourier Hauptfeldweibel
Master Sergeant Staff Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant
Adjudant sous-officer Adjutant d´Etat-major Adjudant Major Adjudant chef
Aijutante sottufficiale Aiutante di stato maggiore Aiutante maggiore Aiutante capo
Adjutant Unteroffizier Stabsadjutant Hauptadjutant Chefadjutant
Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major Senior Sergeant Major Chief Sergeant Major
Lieutenant Premier Lieutenant Capitaine Officier spécialiste
Tenente Primotenente Capitano Ufficiale specialista
Leutnant Oberleutnant Hauptmann Fachoffizier
Lieutenant Lieutenant 1st Class Captain Officer Specialist
Major Lieutenant-Colonel Colonel
Maggiore Tenente colonnello Colonello
Major Oberstleutenant Oberst
Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Brigadier Divisionnaire Commandant de Corps Général
Brigadiere Divisionario Comandante di corpo Generale
Brigadier Divisionär Korpskommandant General
Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General
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