ARMY - The Corps of Volunteer Troops (1936-1939) [chest Insignia]

Legionario / Legionary Legionario de 1 / Legionary 1st Class Cabo / Corporal Cabo de 1 / Corporal 1st Class
Private Private 1st Class Corporal Corporal 1st Class
Sargento / Sergeant Sargento-mayor / Senior Sergeant Mariscal / Marshal Master
Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant
Mariscal-jefe / Chief Marshal Mariscal-mayor / Senior Marshal
First Sergeant Sergeant Major
Subjefe de manípulo / Maniple Leader Assistant Subjefe de manípulo con mando superior / Maniple Leader Assistant with Extended Command Jefe de manípulo / Maniple Leader
Third Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Primer jefe de manípulo con mando superior / Maniple Prime Leader with Extended Command Centurion / Centurion
Prime Lieutenant Captain
Primer centurion / Prime Centurion Senior Superior / Officer Seniori con mando superior / Superior Officer with Extended Command
Prime Captain Major Prime Major
Primer Senior / Prime Superior Officer Primer senior con mando superior Prime Superior Officer with Extended Command Consul / Consul General / General Brigadier
Lieutenant Colonel Prime Lieutenant Colonel Colonel  General
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