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Chinese Empire Army [parade dress collar insignia]

Chinese Empire Army [parade dress collar insignia]

The Chinese Imperial Army had very elaborate parade dress insignia. They were presented on jacket cuffs, on jacket collars and on the shoulder boards. The collar insignias consisted of the dragon emblem with color stone in the mouth and gold (for combat branches) or silver (for non-combat services) stripes. The collar insignia were used only by officers. 

  • (下等第三级) 协军校 - XIE JUN XIAO

    2nd Lieutenant, Lower level, 3rd grade

  • (下等第二级) 副军校 - FU JUN XIAO

    Lieutenant, Lower level, 2nd grade

  • (下等第一级) 正军校 - ZHEGN JUN XIAO

    Captain, Lower level, 1st grade

  • (中等第三级) 协参领 - XIE CAN LING

    Major, Middle level, 3rd grade

  • (中等第二级) 副参领 - FU CAN LING

    Lieutenant Colonel, Middle level 2nd grade

  • (中等第一级) 正参领 - ZHENG CAN LING

    Colonel, Middle level 1st grade

  • (上等第三级) 协都统 - XIE DU TONG

    Major General, Upper level, 3rd grade

  • (上等第二级) 副都统 - FU DU TONG

    Lieutenant General, Upper level, 2nd grade

  • (上等第一级) 正都统 - ZHENG DU TONG

    General, Upper level, 1st grade

The non-combat services with ranks equal to officers had the following insignia. Among those services there were no positions equal to general officers

  • 同协军校 - TONG XIE JUN XIAO

    Lower level, 3rd grade

  • 同副军校 - TONG FU JUN XIAO

    Lower level, 2nd grade


    Lower level, 1st grade

  • 同协参领 - TONG XIE CAN LING

    Middle level, 3rd grade

  • 同副参领 - TONG FU CAN LING

    Middle level 2nd grade


    Middle level 1st grade

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