Chinese Empire Army [service cuff] - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Chinese Empire Army [service cuff]

Chinese Empire Army [service cuff]

  • Senior Private

  • Corporal

  • Sergeant

  • Senior Sergeant

  • (下等第三级) 协军校 - XIE JUN XIAO

    2nd Lieutenant, Lower level, 3rd grade

  • (下等第二级) 副军校 - FU JUN XIAO

    Lieutenant, Lower level, 2nd grade

  • (下等第一级) 正军校 - ZHEGN JUN XIAO

    Captain, Lower level, 1st grade

  • (中等第三级) 协参领 - XIE CAN LING

    Major, Middle level, 3rd grade

  • (中等第二级) 副参领 - FU CAN LING

    Lieutenant Colonel, Middle level 2nd grade

  • (中等第一级) 正参领 - ZHENG CAN LING

    Colonel, Middle level 1st grade

  • (上等第三级) 协都统 - XIE DU TONG

    Major General, Upper level, 3rd grade

  • (上等第二级) 副都统 - FU DU TONG

    Lieutenant General, Upper level, 2nd grade

  • (上等第一级) 正都统 - ZHENG DU TONG

    General, Upper level, 1st grade

The non-combat services with ranks equal to officers had the following insignia. Among those services there were no positions equal to general officers

  • 同协军校 - TONG XIE JUN XIAO

    Lower level, 3rd grade


  • 同副军校 - TONG FU JUN XIAO

    Lower level, 2nd grade


    Lower level, 1st grade

  • 同协参领 - TONG XIE CAN LING

    Middle level, 3rd grade

  • 同副参领 - TONG FU CAN LING

    Middle level 2nd grade


    Middle level 1st grade

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