Corps Saint Lazarus International - CSLI [mantle] NCO’s, Off - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Corps Saint Lazarus International - CSLI [mantle] NCO’s, Officers and Executives

Corps Saint Lazarus International (CSLI) [mantle]

NCO’s, Officers and Executives

since 2009

  • helfer

    private CSLI

  • gefreiter

    private 1st class  CSLI

  • korporal

    corporal  CSLI

  • zugsführer

    sergeant  CSLI

  • wachtmeister

    staff sergeant  CSLI

  • stabswachtmeister

    master sergeant CSLI

  • oberstabswachtmeister

    1st sergeant  CSLI

  • ofiziersstelwerter

    sergeant major CSLI

  • vizeleutnant

    command sergeant major CSLI

  • 1. vizeleutnant des CSLI

    1st. sergeant major of the CSLI

  • fähnrich

    ensign CSLI

  • leutnant

    2nd lieutenant CSLI

  • oberleutnant

    1st lieutenant CSLI

  • hauptmann

    captain CSLI

  • major

    major CSLI

  • oberstleutnant

    lieutenant colonel CSLI and executive officers

  • oberst

    colonel CSLI and executice officers

  • brigadier / verstandsteautragter

    Brigadier General CSLI and Excutive Officers

  • generalmajor betrat / rechnungsführer

    Major General CSLI, Auditors and Member of the Advisory Board

  • generalleutnant / bundeskommandant stv. /stv.direktor berat / kassier stv.

    Lieutenant General CSLI and Vice Chairmen of the Advisory Board

  • general  / bundeskommandant / generalsekretär / kassier / direktor berat

    Members of the Board of own CSLI Associations / Federal Commanders in Chief, Generals and Chairman of the Advisory Board

  • vizepräsident

    Vice Presidents from own CSLI Associations

  • präsident

    Presidents of own CSLI Associations

  • Members of the Board of the Lazarus Union and Union Commander in Chief

  • Secretary General and Treasurer of the Lazarus Union

  • Vice President of the Lazarus Union

  • President of the Lazarus Union

  • Grand Master of Knighthood of Honour

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