Federal Military Fire Brigade - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Federal Military Fire Brigade

Federal Military Fire Brigade

Corpo de Bombeiros Militar do Distrito Federal (CBMDF)


  • Soldado 1ª Classe

    Private 1st class

  • Cabo


  • 3º Sargento

    Sergeant 3rd class

  • 2º Sargento

    Sergeant 2nd class

  • 1º Sargento

    Sergeant 1st class

  • cadete 1ºano

    cadet 1st class

  • cadete 2ºano

    cadet 2nd class

  • cadete 3ºano

    cadet 3st class

  • Sub Tenente

    Warrant officer

  • Aspirante

    Officer candidate

  • 2º Tenente

    Lieutenant 2nd class

  • 1º Tenente

    Lieutenant 1st class

  • Capitão


  • Major


  • Tenente Coronel

    Lieutenant colonel

  • coronel


  • Coronel, quando na função de Sub Comandante Geral

    Colonel, when in charge of General Executive Officer

  • Coronel, quando na função de Comandante Geral

    Colonel, when in charge of General Commanding Officer

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