Islamic Republic of Iran Army (1988) [service dress] - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Islamic Republic of Iran Army (1988) [service dress]

Islamic Republic of Iran Army [service dress]


since 1988

  • Sarbaz

    Basic Private

  • Sarbaz Dovom


  • Sarbaz Yekom

    Private First Class

  • Sardjuhke


  • Goruhban Sevom

    Third Sergeant

  • Goruhban Dovom

    Second Sergeant

  • Goruhban Yekom

    First Sergeant

  • Ostovar Dovom

    Second Warrant Officer

  • Ostovar Yekom

    First Warrant Officer

  • Sotvan Sevom

    Third Lieutenant

  • Sotvan Dovom

    Second Lieutenant

  • Sotvan Yekom

    First Lieutenant

  • Sarvan


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