MISCELLANEOUS - State Railway (1960-1970) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

MISCELLANEOUS - State Railway (1960-1970)

Eisenbahner Reichsbahn-Gehilfe Reichsbahn-Unterassistent
Machine economy Operating and traffic service Safe- and signals service
Reichsbahn-Assistent Reichsbahn-Sekretär Reichsbahn-Obersekretär
Safe- and signals service traffic  technology Vehicle economy
Reichsbahn-Inspektor Reichsbahn-Oberinspektor Reichsbahn-Amtsmann Reichsbahn-Oberamtsmann
Operating and traffic service  Machine economy Vehicle economy Operating and traffic service
Reichsbahn-Rat Reichsbahn-Oberrat
Operating and traffic service traffic  technology
Reichsbahn-Direktor Reichsbahn-Oberdirektor Reichsbahn-Hauptdirektor
Safe- and signals service Traffic  technology Vehicle economy
Stellvertreter des Generaldirektors Generaldirektor
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