National Army of Guatemala (1990 before) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

National Army of Guatemala (1990 before)

National Army of Guatemala

Ejercito Nacional de Guatemala (ENG)

before 1990

  • Soldado de Primera

    Private 1st Class

  • Cabo

    Corporal 2nd Class

  • Sargento Segundo


  • Sargento Primero

    Master Sergeant

  • Sargento Tecnico

    Technician Sergeant

  • Sargento Mayor

    Sergeant Major

  • Subteniente

    Lieutenant 2nd Class

  • Teniente

    Lieutenant 1st Class

  • Capitán Segundo

    Captain 2nd Class

  • Capitán Primero

    Captain 1st Class

  • Mayor


  • Teniente Coronel

    Lieutenant Colonel

  • Coronel


  • General de Brigada

    Brigadier General

  • General de Divisiön

    Major General

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