National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark (1930-1945) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia
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National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark (1930-1945)

National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark

Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Arbejderparti (DNSAP)


  • Afdeling - department
  • Afdelings Skriver

    department clerk

  • Afdelings Fuldmaegtig

    department head or chief clerk

  • Afdelings Gruppenleder

    department group leader

  • Afdelings Leder

    department leader

  • Herred - hundreds

  • Herreds Skriver

    hundreds clerk

  • Herreds Fuldmaegtig

    hundreds head or chief clerk

  • Herreds Gruppenleder

    hundreds group leader

  • Herreds Afdelingsleder

    hundreds unit leader

  • Herreds Leder

    hundreds leader

  • Syslet - district

  • Syssel Skriver

    district clerk

  • Syssel Fuldmaegtig

    district head or chief clerk

  • Syssel Gruppenleder

    district group leader

  • Syssel Afdelingsleder

    district unit leader

  • Syssel Leder

    district leader

  • Stabs Skriver

    staff clerk

  • Stabs Fuldmaegtig

    staff head or chief clerk

  • Stabs Gruppenleder

    staff group leader

  • Land -Country

  • nd Skriver

    country clerk

  • Land Fuldmaegtig

    country head or chief clerk

  • Land Gruppenleder

    country  group leader

  • Land Afdelingsleder

    country  unit leader

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