NAVY (1937-1949) [officers shoulder insignia] - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY (1937-1949) [officers shoulder insignia]

Hai Tzuin Shih Hai Tzuin Wei Hai Tzuin Chung Wei Hai Tzuin Shang Wei
Warrant Officer Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant
Line Shipbuilding Line Medical
Hai Tzuin Shao Tzo Hai Tzuin Chzhun Tzo Hai Tzuin Shan Tzo
Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain
Line Navigation Line
Hai Tzuin Tai Chiang Hai Tzuin Shaotzian Chung Chiang
Commodore Rear Admiral Lieutenant General
Hai Tzuin Chzhun Tzian Hai Tzuin Shah Tzian
Vice Admiral Admiral
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