NAVY - Austro-Hungarian Navy (1907-1918) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY - Austro-Hungarian Navy (1907-1918)

Matrose 2 Klasse Matrose 1 Klasse
Seaman 2nd Class Seaman
Sailor’s Jack Sailor’s Jack
Quartiermeister Bootsmannmaat
Quartermaster  Boatswain Mate
Sailor’s Jack Sailor’s Jack
Unterbootsmann Stabsbootsmann Oberstabsbootsmann Freiwillige
Junior Boatswain Staff Boatswain Senior Staff Boatswain Volunteer
Cuffs Cuffs Cuffs Cuffs
 Seeaspirant Seekadett Seefähnrich
Sea Candidate Cadet Sea Ensign
Cuffs Cuffs Cuffs
Fregattenleutnant Linienschifftsleutnant
Frigate Lieutenant Battleship Lieutenant
Cuffs Cuffs
Korvettenkapitän Fregattenkapitän Linienschifftskapitän
Corvette Captain Frigate Captain Battleship Captain
Cuffs Cuffs Cuffs
Konteradmiral Vizeadmiral Admiral Großadmiral
Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Grand Admiral
Cuffs Cuffs Cuffs Cuffs
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