NAVY - Estonian Navy (1991-2000) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY - Estonian Navy (1991-2000)

Madrus Vanemmadrus Nooremmaat Maat Vanemmaat
Seaman Senior Sailor Junior Mate Mate Senior Mate
Nooremmaat Maat Vanemmaat
Junior Mate Mate Senior Mate
Nooremveebel Veebel Vanemveebel Mereväeveebel
Junior Sergeant Sergeant Senior Sergeant Navy Superior Sergeant
Lipnik Nooremleitnant Leitnant Vanemleitnant
Ensign Sublieutenant Lieutenant First Lieutenant
Kaptenmajor Kaptenleitant Mereväekapten
Lieuetnant Commander Commander Captain
Kaptenmajor Kaptenleitnant Mereväekapten Kontradmiral
Commodore Kontradmiral Vice Admiral Admiral
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