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NAVY - French Navy [shoulder insignia]

Matelot de 2e classe "Mousse" Matelot de 1e classe "Matelot" Quartier-Maître de 2e classe "Quartier-Maître", "Crabe" Quartier-Maître de 1re classe "Quartier-Maître", "Crabe chef",  "Chouffe"
Seaman Graduate Seaman Quarter-master 2nd class Quarter-master 1st class
Second maître "Second maître", "Chef" Maître "Maître", "Patron" Premier maître "Premier maître", "Patron", "PM" Maître principal "Maître principal", "Cipal" Major
2nd master Master 1st master Principal master Major
Aspirant "Lieutenant", "Midship" Enseigne de vaisseau de deuxième classe "Lieutenant" Enseigne de vaisseau de première classe "Lieutenant" Lieutenant de vaisseau "Capitaine", "Loufiat"
Midshipman Ship of the Line ensign 2nd class (Acting Sub-Lieutenant, Ensign) Ship of the Line ensign 1st class (Sublieutenant) Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant (Lieutenant)
Capitaine de corvette "Commandant", "Corvettard" Capitaine de frégate "Commandant", "Frégaton" Capitaine de vaisseau "Commandant", "Cap de veau"
Corvette Captain (Lieutenant Commander) Frigate Captain (Commander) Ship-of-the-Line Captain (Captain)
Contre-amiral Vice-amiral Vice-amiral d'escadre Amiral Amiral de France
Counter-Admiral (Rear Admiral) Vice-Admiral Squadron Vice-Admiral (Admiral) Admiral (Fleet Admiral) Admiral of the Navy
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