NAVY - Latvian Naval Forces (1992 since) [sleeve insignia] - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY - Latvian Naval Forces (1992 since) [sleeve insignia]

Dižmatrosis Kaprális Seržants Bocmanis
First Seaman Corporal Sergeant Boatswain
Vecākais bocmanis Virsniekvietnieks Vecākais virsniekvietnieks
Senior Boatswain Warrant Officer Senior Warrant Officer
Leitnants Virsleitnants Kapteiņleitnants Komandleitnants
Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Senior Grade Lieutenant Commander Commander Junior Grade
Komandkapteinis Jūras kapteinis
Commander Senior Grade Captain
Flotiles admirālis Kontradmirālis Viceadmirālis
Rear Admiral (Lower Grade) Rear Admiral Vice Admiral
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