NAVY - Lithuanian Naval Force (2012 since) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY - Lithuanian Naval Force (2012 since)

Jaunesnysis jūreivis jūreivis Vyresnysis jūreivis
Junior seaman seaman Senior seaman
Grandinis Seržantas Seržantas specialistas Vyresnysis seržantas Vyresnysis seržantas specialistas
Corporal Sergeant Sergeant specialist Senior sergeant Senior sergeant specialist
Štabo seržantas Štabo laivūnas specialistas laivūnas Vyresnysis laivūnas
Staff Sergeant Junior Bootsmann specialist bootsmann Senior bootsmann
Leitenantas Vyresnysis leitenantas Kapitonas
Lieutenant First lieutenant Captain
Komandoras leitenantas Komandoras Jūrų kapitonas
lieutenant commander commander captain at sea
Flotilės admirolas Kontradmirolas Viceadmirolas
Flotila Admiral rear admiral vice admiral
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