NAVY - MW-Polish Navy (2004 since) [garrison cap] - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY - MW-Polish Navy (2004 since) [garrison cap]

MarynarzStarszy marynarz Mat
Seaman Recruit Able Seaman Leading Seaman
Starszy mat Bosmanmat Bosman Starszy bosman
Petty Officer Third Class Petty Officer Second Class Chief Petty Officer Second Class Chief Petty Officer First Class
Młodszy chorąży marynarki Chorąży marynarki Starszy choraży marynarki Starszy choraży sztabowy marynarki
Junior Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Class II Warrant Officer Class I Chief Warrant Officer
Podporucznik marynarkiPorucznik marynarki Kapitan marynarki
Acting Sub-Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant Lieutenant
Komandor podporucznikKomandor porucznik Komandor
Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain
KontradmiraŀWiceadmiraŀAdmiraŀ flotyAdmiraŀ
Rear Admiral Vice AdmiralFleet Admiral Admiral
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