NAVY - Naval Riflemen Detached Division (1919-1920) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY - Naval Riflemen Detached Division (1919-1920)

Стрелок 2-й статьи Стрелок 1-й статьи Квартирмейстер-стрелок
Rifleman 2nd Class / seaman Rifleman 1st Class / petty officer 3rd class Quartermaster Rifleman / petty officer 2nd class
Боцманмат-стрелок Боцман-стрелок Старший боцман-стрелок
Boatswain Mate Rifleman / petty officer 1st class Boatswain Rifleman / chief petty officer Chief Boatswain Rifleman / senior chief petty officer
Мичман Лейтенант Старший лейтенант
ensign / ensign lieutenant / lieutenant senior lieutenant / lieutenant commander
Капитан 2-го ранга Капитан 1-го ранга Контр-адмирал
captain 2nd rank / commander captain 1st rank / captain rear admiral / Rear Admiral Lower Half
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