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NAVY - Republic of Korea Navy [sleeve insignia]

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Mudung-byong Yi-byong Il-byong Sang-byong Byong-jang
Apprentice Seaman Seaman Seaman 1st Class Petty Officer 3rd Class Petty Officer 2nd Class
  working dress      
Ha-sa Chung-sa Sang-sa Won-sa
Petty Officer 1st Class Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Petty Officer
Jun-wi So-wi Chung-wi Tae-wi
Warant Officer Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant
So-ryong Chung-ryong Tae-ryong
Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain
Chun-jang So-jang Chung-jang Tae-jang Wong-su
Commodore Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Fleet Admiral
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