NAVY - Romanian Naval Forces (former) [sleeve insignia] - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

NAVY - Romanian Naval Forces (former) [sleeve insignia]

Fruntas Caporal Sergent
Seaman Seaman 1st class Petty Officer 3rd Class
Maistru militar classa IV-A Maistru militar classa III-A Maistru militar classa II-A
Warrant Officer 4th class Warrant Officer 3th class Warrant Officer 2th class
Maistru militar classa I Maistru militar principal
Warrant Officer 1st class Chief Warrant Officer
Aspirant Locotenent Capitan
Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant
Locotenent comandor Capitan comandor Comandor
Lieutenant Coimmander Commander Captain
Contraamiral Viceamiral Viceamiral comandor Amiral
Commodore Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral
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