NAVY - South African Navy (2002) [shoulder insignia]

Bevere Seeman Baasseeman Bootsman Eerste Bootsman
Able Seaman Leading Seaman Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Officer Class 2 Warrant Officer Class 1 Master-At-Arms / Coaxwain Level 4 Master-At-Arms Level 4a
Fleet Master-At-Arms Level 3 Master-At-Arms of the Navy Level 2 Warrant Officer of the South African National Defence Force
  Vaandrig Onderluitenant Luitenant
Midshipman Ensign Sub Lieutenant Lieutenant
Luitenant-Kommandeur Kommandeur Kaptein
Leutenant Commander Commander Captain
Skout-Admiraal (JR) Skout-Admiraal ViseAdmiraal Admiraal
Rearr Admiral Junior Grade Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral
    shirt sleeve dreess  
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