People's Police of China (2000 since) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

People's Police of China (2000 since)

People's Police of China

中国人民警察 - Zhōngguó Rénmín Jǐngchá

since 2000






    Probationery Constable

  • 警员二级

    Er Ji Jing Yuan

    Constable 2nd Class

  • 警员一级

    Yi Ji Jung Yuan

    Constable 1st Class

  • 警司三级

    San Ji Jing Si

    Superintendent 3rd Class

  • 警司二级

    Er Ji Jing Si

    Superintendent 2nd Class

  • 警司一级

    Yi Ji Jing Si

    Superintendent 1st Class

  • 警督三级

    San Ji Jing Du

    Supervisor 3rd Class

  • 警督二级

    Er Ji Jing Du

    Supervisor 2nd Class

  • 警督一级

    Yi Ji Jing Du

    Supervisor 1st Class

  • 警监三级

    San Ji Jing Jian

    Commissioner 3rd Class

  • 警监二级

    Er Ji Jing Jian

    Commissioner 2nd Class

  • 警监一级

    Yi Ji Jing Jian

    Commissioner 1st Class

  • 副总警监

    Fu Zong Jing Jian

    Deputy Commissioner General

  • 总警监

    Zong Jing Jian

    Commissioner General

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