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Uzman Onba¦i Uzman ăavu¦ ve Uzman Jandarma ăavu¦ Astsubay Adayi Onba¦i Astubay ăavu¦
Astubay KidemlÝ ăavu¦ Astubay -stšavu¦ Astubay Kidemli -stšavu¦ Astubay Ba¦šavu¦ Astubay Kidemli Ba¦šavu¦
Asteğmen Teğmen -steğmen YŘzba¦i
Third Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain
Binba¦i Yarbay Albay
Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Tuğgeneral TŘmgeneral Korgeneral Orgeneral
Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General
Genelkurmay Başkani Maresal
Chief of the Turkish General Staff General of the Army
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