Police of Republika Srpska (2014 since) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Police of Republika Srpska (2014 since)

Police of Republika Srpska

Полиција Републике Српске - Policija Republike Srpske

since 2014

  • Policajac

    Police officer

  • Viši policajac

    Senior police officer

  • Narednik


  • Viši narednik

    Senior Sergeant

  • Mlađi inspektor

    Junior Inspector

  • Inspektor


  • Viši inspektor

    Senior Inspector

  • Samostalni inspektor

     Independent Inspector

  • Glavni inspektor

    Chief Inspector

  • Generalni inspektor policije

    General Inspector of the police

  • Glavni generalni inspektor policije

    Chief general inspector of the police

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