POLICE - Sachsen Police (2009-2012) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

POLICE - Sachsen Police (2009-2012)

Polizeimeisteranwärter/in Polizeimeister/in Polizeiobermeister/in Polizeihauptmeister/in
Police Sergeant - Candidate Police Sergeant Police Sergeant 1st Class Police Sergeant Major
Polizeikommissaranwarter/in Polizeikommissar/in Polizeioberkommissar/in Polizeihauptkommissar/in Erste/r Polizeihauptkommissar/in
Police Lieutenant - Candidate Police Lieutenant Police 1st Lieutenant Police Captain Police Staff Captain
Polizeirat/ratin Polizeioberrat/ratin Polizeidirektor/in Leitender Polizeidirektor/in
Police Major Police Lieutenant Colonel Police Colonel Chief of Police
Direktor der LBP,des LKA Landeskriminaldirektor Inspekteur der Polizei
Police director chief of all policemens
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