POLICE - Water Police (1952-1956) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world

POLICE - Water Police (1952-1956)

Matrose Obermatrose Maat Obermaat
seaman recruit seaman seaman 1st class petty officer 3rd class
Meister Obermeister
petty officer 2nd class petty officer 1st class
Offiziersschüler 1 jahr Offiziersschüler 2 jahr Offiziersschüler 3 jahr
Officer student 1st year Officer student 2nd year Officer student 3rd year
unterleutnant zur see leutnant zur see oberleutnant zur see kapitanleutnant
ensign lieutenant junior grade lieutenant staff lieutenant
korvettenkapitan fregattenkapitan kapitan zur see
lieutenant commander commander captain
konteradmiral vizeadmiral admiral flottenadmiral
rear admiral vice admiral admiral admiral of the fleet
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