PRISONS - Malaysian Prison Department

Wadar Penjara Koperal Penjara Sarjan Penjara Sarjan Mejar Penjara
Prison Warden Prison Corporal Prison Sergeant Prison Sergeant Major
Sub Inspektor Penjara Inspektor Penjara Penolong Penguasa Penjara
Prison Sub Inspector Prison Inspector Assistant Superintendent of Prisons
Timbalan Penguasa Penjara Penguasa Penjara Penguasa Kanan Penjara
Deputy Superintendent of Prisons Superintendent of Prisons Senior Superintendent of Prisons
Pengarah Penjara Pengarah Kanan Penjara Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Penjara  Ketua Pengarah Penjara
Director of Prisons Senior Director of Prisons Deputy Director-General of Prisons Director-General of Prisons
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