Rhine-Westphalia State Police (1949-1955) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Rhine-Westphalia State Police (1949-1955)

Rhine-Westphalia State Police

Landes Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen


  • Polizei Wachtmeister

    police sergeant

  • Polizei Meister

    police master

  • Polizei Obermeister

    police chief master

  • Polizei Inspektor

    police inspector

  • Polizei Oberinspektor

    police chief inspector

  • Polizei Rat

    police commander

  • Polizei Oberrat

    police chief commander

  • Polizei Direktor

    police director

  • Inspekteur der Polizei

    chief of the police

  • Chef der Regierungsbezirke / Chef der Stadtkreise / Chef der Polizeischulen

    Chief of the district / Chief of the city district / Chief of the Police School

  • Inspekteur der Polizei

    Chief of the Police

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