Schleswig-Holstein Water Police (present) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Schleswig-Holstein Water Police (present)

Schleswig-Holstein Water Police

Wasserschutzpolizei Schleswig-Holstein


  • Polizeimeister-Anwärter

    Police - candidate

  • Polizeimeister

    Police sergeant

  • Polizeiobermeister

    Police 1st sergeant

  • Polizeihauptmeister

    police sergeant major

  • Polizeikommissar

    police lieutenant

  • Polizeioberkommissar

    police 1st lieutenant

  • Polizeihauptkommissar

    police captain

  • Erste Polizeihauptkommissar

    police staff captain

  • Polizeirat

    police major

  • Polizeioberrat

    police lieutenant colonel

  • Polizeidirektor

    police colonel

  • Leitende Polizeidirektor

    police brigadier general

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