Municipal Guards of Curitiba (2005 since) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Curitiba Municipal Guards (2005 since)

Federative Republic of Brazil

Municipal Guards of Curitiba

Guarda Municipal de Curitiba 

since 2005


  • Guarda Especial

    Special Guard

  • Guarda 3ª Classe

    3rd Class Guard

  • Guarda 2ª Classe

    2nd Class Guard

  • Guarda 1ª Classe

    1st Class Guard

  • Supervisor 3ª Classe

    3rd Class Supervisor

  • Supervisor 2ª Classe

    2nd Class Supervisor

  • Supervisor 1ª Classe

    1st Class Supervisor

  • Inspetor 3ª Classe

    3rd Class Inspector

  • Inspetor 2ª Classe

    2nd Class Inspector

  • Inspetor 1ª Classe

    1st Class Inspector

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