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French Navy [shoulder insignia]

French Navy [shoulder insignia]

Marine nationale


  • Matelot de 2e classe "Mousse"


  • Matelot de 1e classe "Matelot"

    Graduate Seaman

  • Quartier-Maître de 2e classe "Quartier-Maître", "Crabe"

    Quarter-master 2nd class

  • Quartier-Maître de 1re classe "Quartier-Maître", "Crabe chef",  "Chouffe"

    Quarter-master 1st class

  • Second maître "Second maître", "Chef"

    2nd master

  • Maître "Maître", "Patron"


  • Premier maître "Premier maître", "Patron", "PM"

    1st master

  • Maître principal "Maître principal", "Cipal"

    Principal master

  • Major


  • Aspirant "Lieutenant", "Midship"


  • Enseigne de vaisseau de deuxième classe "Lieutenant"

    Ship of the Line ensign 2nd class (Acting Sub-Lieutenant, Ensign)

  • Enseigne de vaisseau de première classe "Lieutenant"

    Ship of the Line ensign 1st class (Sublieutenant)

  • Lieutenant de vaisseau "Capitaine", "Loufiat"

    Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant (Lieutenant)

  • Capitaine de corvette "Commandant", "Corvettard"

    Corvette Captain (Lieutenant Commander)

  • Capitaine de frégate "Commandant", "Frégaton"

    Frigate Captain (Commander)

  • Capitaine de vaisseau "Commandant", "Cap de veau"

    Ship-of-the-Line Captain (Captain)

  • Contre-amiral

    Counter-Admiral (Rear Admiral)

  • Vice-amiral


  • Vice-amiral d'escadre

    Squadron Vice-Admiral (Admiral)

  • Amiral

    Admiral (Fleet Admiral)

  • Amiral de France

    Admiral of the Navy

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