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Military Police of the State of Piauí

The Military Police of the State of Piauí was created on June 25, 1835, still during the monarchy. This is one of the smallest police institutions in Brazil in terms of number of effective members, and unfortunately one of the least resourced, as Piauí is one of the poorest states in the federation.
Today this police institution has approximately 6,000 military police and civil servants to serve the 224 municipalities of the state in their most diverse tasks: urban and rural policing, road patrol, and environmental inspection.
A curiosity: Unlike other Brazilian gendarmeries, the non-commissioned officers of the Military Police of Piauí do not display their badges on their arms, but on their shoulders. Another curiosity is the various epaulettes held by the colonels in the roles of chief of staff, deputy general commander and general commander.

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