National Revolutionary Police Force (1995 since) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

National Revolutionary Police Force (1995 since)

Republic of Cuba

National Revolutionary Police Force

Policía Nacional Revolucionaria de Cuba

since 1995


  • Cabo


  • Sargento de Tercera

    Sergeant 3rd class

  • Sargento de Segunda

    sergeant 2nd class

  • Sargento de Primera

    Sergeant 1st class

  • Suboficial

    Junior Warrant Officer

  • Segundo Suboficial

    Warrant Officer

  • Primer Suboficial

    Chief Warrant Officer

  • mayor suboficial

    master chief warrant officer

  • Subteniente

    Junior Lieutenant

  • Teniente


  • Primer Teniente

    Senior Lieutenant

  • Capitán


  • Mayor


  • Teniente Coronel

    Lieutenant Colonel

  • Coronel


  • General de Brigada

    Brigadier General

  • General de División

    major General

  • General de Cuerpo de Ejército

    Lieutenant General

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