Military Police School of Parana - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Parana Military Police School

Federative Republic of Brazil

Military Police School of Parana

Colégio da Polícia Militar do Paraná (CPM)



  • gala parade dress for all students

  • 6º ano Ensino Fundamental

    6th year Basic School Course

  • 7º ano Ensino Fundamental

    7th year  Basic School Course

  • 8º ano Ensino Fundamental

    8th year Basic School Course

  • 9º ano Ensino Fundamental

    9th year Basic School Course

  • 1º ano Ensino Medio

    1st year High School Course

  • 2º ano Ensino Medio

    2nd year High School Course

  • 3º ano Ensino Medio

    3rd year High School Course

  • The 3rd year students of high school course, when in charge of an students troop wear an specific shoulder insignia, wich designate what kind of troop its under their responsability.
  • Sub-comandante de pelotão de alunos

    Deputy platoon commander

  • Sub-comandante de companhia de alunos

    Deputy company commander

  • Sub-comandante de batalhão de alunos

    Deputy battalion commander

  • Comandante de pelotão de alunos

    Platonn Commander

  • Comandante de companhia de alunos

    Company Commander

  • Comandante de batalhão de alunos

    Battalion Commander

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