Pavel Mococh - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Pavel Močoch, Chief editor & Illustrator, colonel (CSLI)


Czech founder and chief administrator of the International Encyclopedia of Uniform Insignia. He founded the encyclopedia in 2005 and gradually built it into the world's largest collection of illustrations of rank insignia from around the world.
He has published several pictorial series on rank insignia in professional journals and has contributed to the translation and editing of several thematic publications. He is a member of the International Association of Journalists. 
In 2015, he received an honorary title of Doctor HC and in 2015 he received the Commander's Cross of The Corps Saint Lazarus International.

After a long break caused by illness, with the help of experts and collaborators from all over the world, he relaunched this Encyclopedia in 2023.

He has been appointed a colonel of the Union Corps Saint Lazarus International - CSLI as of april 2024.

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