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People's Navy [shoulder insignia]

People's Navy [shoulder insignia]

Volksmarine (VM)


  • Matrose

    Seaman Recruit

  • Obermatrose


  • Stabsmatrose

    Staff Seaman

  • Maat auf Zeit

    Seaman 1st Class

  • Obermaat auf Zeit

    Petty Officer 3rd Class

  • Maat

    Seaman 1st Class

  • Obermaat

    Petty Officer 3rd Class

  • Meister

    Petty Officer 2nd Class

  • Obermeister

    Petty Officer 1st Class

  • Stabsobermeister

    Chief Petty Officer

  • Fähnrich

    Warrant Officer II

  • Oberfähnrich

    Warrant Officer I

  • Stabsfähnrich

    Staff Warant Officer

  • Stabsoberfähnrich

    Senior Staff Officer

  • Unterleutnant zur See


  • Leutnant zur See

    Lieutenant Junior Grade

  • Oberleutnant zur See


  • Kapitanleutnant

    Staff Lieutenant

  • Korvettenkapitan

    Lieutenant Commander

  • Fregattenkapitan


  • Kapitan zur See


  • Konteradmiral

    Rear Admiral

  • Vizeadmiral

    Vice Admiral

  • Admiral


  • Flottenadmiral

    Admiral of the Fleet

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