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 Romanian Fire Services

Pompieri Română


  • Sergent pompieri



  • Sergent major pompieri

    Staff sergeant

  • Plutonier pompieri

    First sergeant

  • Plutonier major pompieri

    Master sergeant

  • Plutonier adjutant pompieri

    Sergeant major

  • Plutonier adjutant şef pompieri

    Command sergeant major

  • Maistru militar clasa V pompieri

    warrant officer 5th grade

  • Maistru militar clasa IV pompieri

    warrant officer 4th grade

  • Maistru militar clasa III pompieri

    warrant officer 3rd grade

  • Maistru militar clasa II pompieri

    warrant officer 2nd grade

  • Maistru militar clasa I pompieri

    warrant officer 1st grade

  • Maistru militar principal

    Chief warrant officer

  • Sublocotenent pompieri

    2nd lieutenant

  • Locotenent pompieri

    1st lieutenant

  • Căpitan pompieri


  • Maior pompieri


  • Locotenent colonel pompieri

    Lieutenant colonel

  • Colonel pompieri


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