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Särmä Cottage

Republic of Finland

Särmä Cottage

Särmä mökki


  • You look like a person that needs proper discipline in your spare time. With official Varusteleka cottage rank insignia, you can get just that! These are very prestigious patches given for great achievements in things that matter in everyday life. Remember, there is nothing like getting promoted in the sauna with festive Finnish oompah music.
  • Grillikersantti

    Grill sergeant

  • Grillimestari

    Grill master

  • Saunaklonkkukokelas

    Sauna Gollum Candidate

  • Saunaklonkku

    sauna gollum

  • Saunamajuri

    Sauna major

  • Yhden Tähden Sheriffi

    One Star Sheriff

  • Kahden Tähden Sheriffi

    Two Star Sheriff

  • Kolmen Tähden Sheriffi

    Three Star Sheriff

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