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State of Goias Military Fire Department

State of Goiás Military Fire Brigade History.
As in most Brazilian States, the Goiás Fire Brigade emerged as a result of the fires that occurred in the Capital, more specifically in a fire that occurred in the State Government Palace ballroom. 
Therefore, on November 5, 1957, the first eleven military police officers were appointed to attend the Firefighter Course in the State of Minas Gerais, which lasted 8 months. Subsequently, on December 17, 1958, Law Nº 2,400, which created a Fire Company in the Capital, within the structure of the State of Goiás Military Police. 
On January 1, 1990, the Goiás Fire Department became independent from the Military Police, thus becoming the State of Goiás Military Fire Brigade (Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Goiás, CBMGO). The corporation's roles are: Preventing and fighting fires (both urban and forestry), Perform search and rescue tasks (both on land and in water), Inspect the construction of houses and commercial buildings, thus verifying that they comply with legal standards for preventing and fighting fires throughout the state, and in addition to social and educational activities aimed at creating a mentality and culture of fire and accident prevention among the entire population.

Goias State Military Fire Department insignia

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