Transport Militia (1952-1953) - International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia

Transport Militia (1952-1953)

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Transport Workers' and Peasants' Militia

Транспортная милиция


  • Mилиционер


  • Старший милиционер

    Senior Policeman

  • Младший сержант милиции

      Junior Sergeant

  • Cержант милиции


  •  Старший сержант милиции

     Senior Sergeant

  • Старшина милиции

    Sergeant Major

  • Младший лейтенант милиции

    Junior Lieutenant

  • Лейтенант милиции 

     Junior Lieutenant

  • Старший лейтенант милиции

    Senior Lieutenant

  • Капитан милиции


  • Майор милиции


  •  Подполковник милиции

    Lieutenant Colonel

  •  Полковник милиции


  • ГЕНЕРАЛ-МАЙОР милиции

    Major General


    Lieutenant General


     Colonel General

  • On June 19, 1947, by order of the USSR Ministry of State Security No. 00322, the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 2104-556ss of June 17, 1947 was announced on the formation of the Main Security Directorate for Railway and Water Transport within the USSR Ministry of State Security. The newly created Glavk (GUO) with a system of local authorities, in contrast to the previously existing Transport Directorate of the MGB, was called upon not only to carry out the functions of "operational-chekist" (counterintelligence) support for the work of transport enterprises, but also to fulfill the tasks of protecting public safety and law and order on rail and water communications.
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